Express Lube go green

Go Green | Express Lube

Recycling Used Oil

At Express Lube, it is our goal to protect the enivorment. We recycle our used oil and oil filters. We are also a collection site for those who wish to dispose of their used oil and oil filters. By recycling your used oil and oil filter, you are assisting in the effort to keep our water in the San Antonio area clean. There is no charge to dispose of your used oil and oil filters at Express Lube. We kindly ask that you bring your used oil and oil filters during hours of operation. Help us keep San Antonio clean.

Solar Energy

We understand that utlizing a renewable energy, such as solar power, is vital to keeping our enviroment clean for future generations. At Express Lube, we utilize solar panels at numerous locations in the San Antonio area. This is not only a cost saving benefit to our organization, but also provides us with the opportunity to take an eco-friendly initiative within our industry.

Recycling Used Mop Water

At Express Lube, not only do we recycle our used oil and oil filter, we also recycle our used mop water. By recycling this water, Express Lube continues to help the City of San Antonio save gallons of drinking water annually.